Behind Mineograph


Mineograph has evolved from the experience, knowledge and domain expertise of working in the mining sector over the last 10 years. Abraham & Stevens IT Services Private Limited began its operations in the year 2005 and over the years has built a strong understanding and knowledge base of the operations and requirements of the mining industry. Later the company has opened its US operations under the name and style of Core General Systems Inc., with a vision to spread across global markets. Our mission is to offer innovative software solutions to clients and to increase the efficiency and performance of their operations and the overall industry. The experience of implementing OBtima MIS across different mining sites is the core strength of the Mineograph. This experience and knowledge has been used to enhance the capability and performance of the software, making it more efficient and user friendly. Mineograph addresses the gaps and challenges experienced by few of the clients, making it more holistic and complete. In today's competitive world, it is imperative for companies to stay ahead by having reliable and latest business data, facts and figurers to plan and execute their operations. This is the fundamental premise with which Mineograph has been developed. Adding further strength is the strong Management team who has had the privilege of working and interacting with the best mining companies across the world. The Team has been part of various important discourses, expos and trade fairs of the mining industry nationally and internationally. All of this experience and knowledge has been utilized to the best of the ability for developing Mineograph.

"What's measured improves"

- Mr.Peter F.Drucker